Wednesday, September 28, 2011

finally.. able to tell everything

Assalamualaikum... ^^

I feel really great. Yeahhhhh!! Finally i'm able to blogging again.. Really crazy. I didn't have wireless here (do have but like what the?! hahahhaa) Borrowed Ijan's broadband.

Thanks to Seha.. She brought card reader. So i just transfer the previous photos. No need to disturb Kak Fa. Kekekkeke.

Finally....... Yeah.. Finally, i could post about Taaruf Week a.k.a Orientation Week at Usim. Hehe. (photos actually. *=P)

*Kak Fa, Siwon Choi wifey Masit & Ain*

All students gave their attention but how bout us..?? Hahahahhaa. Could be considered as show off new matric card. Kakakaka. wey tudung aku jadi gila lam matrik kad. weeeeeehuuuu!! (^_^) *gila*

A-ha.. This bottle cap i got everytime the co-ordinator of Taaruf Week provide us drinking water. I just think it's really unique. I have four of this cap. Ngeeeee~~

Briefing time.. But I just focus on my missing mode to Siwon nad Kyuhyun. Hahahahaha.

Still in Super Junior mode. Everyone busy with the aerobic. Kekekeke. As usual.. We're busy snap the photo!! ^^


Last weekend, fly to The Mines. Searching for shoes.. Indeed!! I want that one with mustard+brown colour. But didn't have size. First choice always the best and this is mine..

All in white and black. Kekekkee

aku tamaw kuaq dah.. tix tren mahai derrr.. plus dit teksi g. mau bengkrap.. (#_#)

..And for today. I found A-Cha MV. I was like close your mouth reaction. Hahahahaha. How i'm amazed to Siwon (♥_♥). Hahahahahhahahahaha. He's gorgeous like always.. His voice is different. I think if i didn't watch the MV.., unable to recognize his voice. Hehe *=P

seriously.. aku melongo tengok Siwon Choi Super Junior kali niyh lam A-cha. Gila3.. (#_#)

Till next time. C ya everybody. Please take care.. Final day of Syawal right..?? Enjoy life the fullest. And happy birthday to Shindong hyung!! ^^

ALL VERSION CLEAR!! Weeehuuuuu.. I didn't owe Super Junior.. Hehe (^_^)



  1. one of suju new song. but still mr simple nice to hear. Dong Hae oppa, FIGHTING! ;p

  2. hahahhaa. i do love a-cha too.. ^^ siwon hyung, stay strong!! hehe ^^