Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy Day!!

Assalamualaikum and peace for everybody... (^_^)
How was your day...??? I hope everybody will doing fine.. Yeahhh!!! Exactly...

Errr~~ borrow Siwon's words:

New month, i wish we could be a happy month :)

Ok.. Let's put footnote or Siwon will sue me for doing plagiarism.. Kekekekkekeke. Begin~~

Choi Siwon. 2011. Tweet at Twitter on 1st June. 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone.. Hehe^^

Yah!! I never heard about this type of format. Kekekkekekee. Dushhhhhh!!! (just pretend u knew my fake format. haha)

Really in good mood if it's all about Siwon.. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! (^_~)V Ya!! Enough with your babbling... Duhhhh~~ Kekekekekeke.

Yesterday.... I went out with my cousin, Amie. Yeahhhh... Still hanging out even lack of money. Hahaha. We went to...

Popular Bookstore...

Lol!!! Why we must met with another cousins..??? Hahhahahahahahaha. Nadea and Ilah. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Just met with both of u last Monday. Erkkkk~~ did u really missed me..??? Kakkakakakakakaa (devil laugh)

Forward to food court.. This is the main song i heard from my stomach... Haha

Bolkamalka, bolkamalka, bolkamalka na gateun namja
Bonchemanche, bonchamanche, bonchamanche doraseo bwado
Bogobwado, bogobwado, bogobwado na bakke eobtda
Bonamana, bonamana, bonamana na bakke eobtda

Cool is it..?? Kekekekekkeke. We ordered kerabu fried rice and white coffee iced.. Duhhh~~~ The aroma of ginger flower and the coffee really increase my appetito..

Hehe. While having our lunch meal.., suddenly i laughed.. Hahahahahhahaa. I saw high school boy style look-liked 2PM Nickhun (just only his dye same with Nickhun. hahahhahaha)

Ouchhh!! Even i just seen Nickhun clone, feel like meeting Nickhun in real. Wargh3. *=P

Proceed to small bookstore on 4th level.... This bookstore was my favourite because they sell comics.. Hehe. They also provided comfortable space for customer who want to read there. If i'm not mistaken.., 50 cent per book. The best ever part..., u could sell your books there. Suddenly.....

"Amie, I didn't pay our fried rice.. Hahhahahahahahaha"
"I just wondering to ask u.. Hahhahaha"

Duhhh~~ So careless. Kakakakakkaa. The person in charge got blurr why i'm still standing. I gave money and she nodded her head.. Hahahaha. Hey sis!! U wanna give me free lunch..?? Kekeke. (just in my heart. haha)

Continued... The best ever part..., u could sell your books there. I brought my novel.. Still didn't read it because it was 2nd version. The staff said basically they will take about RM7 - RM8.. Erkkkk.. I bought for RM22. Therefore...., no way... Hahahhaha. If they took RM15, i will accept.. Kakakakkakakaa. (money mode. no compromise. wawawawwaa)

We also went to Public Bank to settle my payment. Hahahahahahhahahahha. Laughed again. Yeahh!! I admit! I never familiar with Public Bank. After few seconds..., the staff help me out. (fill the form) Okay!! Ready!! Duhh~~ Another prob. What should i press. A? B? or C button..?? A? B? C? hmmm.. A? B? C?....

"I'm sorry quite late for helping u.. Here's your number" Kekekeekkeke. Thanks for helping me. Thanks to friendly staff.. Really gumawo^^ Hahahahahhaa. Weikeng Ho..., u really give me experience. Hahahahhaha. Thumbs up!! b(^_~)d

After that we went to Pacific Shopping Mall.. If i stopped here.., by hook or by crook i wanna have Coolblog (the habit with Iman still maintain) While queue up..,

"Munie! Zed Zaidi!"
"Where?! Where?!"

This is Zed Zaidi.. He's one of our actors in Malaysia..

My cousin laughed like crazy to me.. Hehe. Dushhhhh!! Ya! Quite surprise if Zed was here. Then my turn to order.. (and i still laughing) The boy also laughed while he take my order..

"Did he heard what i'm said..??"
"I don't know... Maybe.." (because he is the nearest staff to us)

Kakakkakakakaka. While i made the payment.., he still cover his laugh. What happened to this boy..?? Hahhahahhahaha. (still handsome with his style even with pink uniform)

Checking facebook..., Finally..... Finally.... Finally i met with KyuWon die-hard-fan.. Hep! Hep! Horrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Hep! Hep! Horayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Really happy. Lol!! It was soooo hard to find anyone who choose KyuWon as favourite couple.. Kekekekekeke.


Baby blog: U will try to include Siwon or Super Junior at any entry.. Wheyo...???
Me: ...because my happiness suddenly appeard.. that's y.. lol!!
Baby blog: Didn't u feel bored..???
Me: Never my dear..^^


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