Monday, August 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum..^^ I hope everybody doing fine.. I didn't believe i could smile again after what he'd done. Kekekekkeke. Aishhhh~~ Really give big impact!! Hmmmpppphhhhh...

Do you still remember the previous, previous, previous post..??? I wrote about N.M.A and N.M.F.. And this time..., A.A..

A.A means Double A..??? Right? This..???

Don't you ever think of paper.
Erkkkkk (@_@)

Already get 2 new nieces and this newborn is hero.. Yaaaayyyy!!! He was born on last 29/6/2011 with 2.4 kg only (how small are you cutie...) on 3:35 a.m. The 3rd child to my cousin, Kak Cik Jidah & Abang Ali.

Introducing.. Scroll please----->>>>



it's really clear!! erkk~~ sorry

what about this shot? approve. semi approve. sorry

okay. this one is better (^_^)!!

This is my 3rd kid. I'm a mommy now. Ok. Incorret. Aunt for these 3 babies.. Yaaayyy!!

p/s: just received my file... (@_@) omo!! i'm gonna hug u tonight siwon.. hahahahhahahahaha *=P

**blogger note:
i didn't know why suddenly this post fly to august.. erkk~~ the actual is belongs to july archive..


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