Thursday, August 25, 2011


Here come again.. ^^ Haha. Last night my eyes were damn sleepy. Kekeke.

Okay peeps!! I just found the images for this version revealed via SJ official web update.. Let's take a look.. ^^ Also their words at photocard.

Now we are going to get through this world as we get old together..
Let's be together I wish for it. So believe it...
I love you.
Choi Siwon

*i was crazy towards him no matter what (@_@) maybe people would say i love him because of his handsomeness and owned great body figure. it's not that. i just love the way he is. couldn't specify it. hahahahahhaha. i'm willing to get old together with him (even he didn't write it. kekekekeke) ♥

You can't get angry just because you can't control the world as you please!! ^_^

*this maknae really made me envy all the time while he is clinging with siwon. aishhh.. really adorable lol!!

I love you
See you again

*i just shocked that he will enlist in the army this coming 1/9. ya heenim!! i will register my study on 7/9. but why u leave me first..??!! (T_T)

Be mine. I will hug you. I will love you.
♡My love E.L.F.♡

*i think his word flirty. hahahahaha. sorry DH!! but i knew he's the most sensitive and alert guy. kekeke. well.., he's my ex. hahahahahahahahahhaa.

The world anchovy's going~ Let's go!!!

*he was just awesome!! no comment. hehe. number 1 dancing machine forever!!

Love only Shindong~♡ I'll only love you too!!

*regarding 5thjib album..., i would say he's charming with his new appearance. that's why his teaser image i gave 2nd rank after heenim. i would say really great!! plus, viewing his latest photo update via me2day i just..., unable to close my mouth. hahahahaha. you're different!!

You are busted!! Never forget me^^
Yesungie ~♡

*his photo look plain.. why yeye..?? first time.., i was confuse. he do have quite same face with Lee Jun Ki.. hehe. my favourite actor in My Girl

To. Fools who only know Suju...To you
A common phrase I love you... Even though it's common I can't help it.. I love you!
Shy///.. heuk.. really, love

*lately, this eternal maknae really impressed me with his photos.. whoaaaa.. wookie!!

I'm happy

*i'm speechless while watching all his performance for Mr. Simple. His 'wild and fierce' face looks great!! (why you wear ARMY tee..?? sudden remember to heenim.. T_T )

The best relationship of my life!! That person's name is E.L.F.
I laugh because of you..
I cry because of you...
I'm happy because of you.... Do you feel the same??
I love you!!!

*i love his tee and jacket. hehe

And guess what!! I Just found Siwon's photocard in this album. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If i'm not mistaken.., it was randomly provided. I already saw Ryeowook's and Donghae's. I'm waiting for Siwon and finally screaming!! Hahahahaha. The last time i bought Perfection, i got Sungmin's. ^^ And i found Kyuhyun's photocard too.. ^^

via fuckyeahchoisiwon

just adorable!! ^^
forgot where i found.. but i knew from someone's tumblr

photos updated by SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM
photocard translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

p/s: seriously..., this version b look more gorgeous than previous version a

**blogger note
this supposed to be my previous 2 days post. 23/8. but why suddenly on today..?? like A.A post. i got the answer!! i'm not going to edit via blogger in draft anymore. yayyy!!! ^^ i got the answer. i got the answer.. a-sa!!


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