Tuesday, August 9, 2011

scrabble #5

I went to Tesco with my Mommy. Yeah.. Bought few things. RM 60+ Hahahahhaa. My mom wondering. "What did we buy..??"

IDK also. I just knew that i bought 2 packs of instant noodles. *=P Mwahahahaha. *wey kalaw baloq gak aku bangkit soq x taw nak kata apa*

My noona, Gee Yusof told me that this month of epop magazine provide sampul duit raya. Actually i didn't care bout that magazine. Hahahaa. I just want that sampul duit raya lol!! Kekekeke. I try to search it. Lol!! Finished. Erkkk.. NVM. But... (still have but.. keke) I met Jang Keun Suk, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, DBSK Changmin also Yunho. They look really gorgeous (at front cover) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. *=P Well IDK if i met them in reality.. Hua3. Faint? Speechless? Static? Kekekeke.

Gulp!!! That one still on the shelter..?? Siwon Choi!! Goshhhhhhh!!!

Should i buy this magazine..?? Hahahahaa.

Lol!! No. No. No. At least i understand the contents. *x maw aku baziaq RM12 beli x paham natang pa.. kekeke* Just..., just touched that magazine. Smile like crazy nut. Yeah.. If the staff saw me on that time.., he or she could be considered as the main witness to certifiy that i'm crazy. Hahahahaha. But still.., happy even i could see the cover only. Kekekeke. (^____^)

Guys!! Don't forget your sahur next morning lol!! C ya!! Dan adakah aku akan balun makan 2 mangkuk koko krunch + susu macam soq hari niyh lagi..??

p/s: ek eleh.. baru tgk siwon waving hand pun dah jerit2.. (statement poyo padahal jealous mampus!! hahaha. chillax munie.. chillax!)


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