Monday, August 8, 2011



Messy Monday (#_#) I got message from Leya. She said she was afraid. If her nerve disease became worse.., she will be operate today. What the..???!! You didn't even tell me!!! You just text me you're afraid of 8/8/2011. Urghhhh.. But thanks to Allah.. It is better than previous. The doctor gave her another 5 months. If it suddenly become crucial.., she will be check-in in operation room. Pray for her health.. Do take care.. I don't want either paralyze or death.. I want to live the fullest at this moment!!

Farah a.k.a Yonghwa admire told me she wanted to visit my home. It's untidy because my home was under renovation. Yeah.. I need to tidy up a little.. Lastly..., she had to cancel. Need to accompany her mom to Jitra. Erkkk~~~ Araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Memang nak kena debik sedaih ngan aku. Hahahahaha. Time dah elok sket x jadi mai. Time bsepah time tu la hang nak mai. Grrrrrrr. (>_<) Hahahaha.

..and should i say 8 is my lucky number..??? (since my b'day was on 8th. hehe)

8/8/2011... Today! Yes... Todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my dream come true!! Weeeehuuuu!!! Guess what..?? Nikon Coolpix S3100 purple-coloured is mine!! Horaaaayyyyyy!!!! (am i over..??? Yezza!! (i should be like this. hahahahhaha) SEE THIS POST

First at all.., my Mommy called. No answer. If i wasn't call her back..., my dream still didn't come true. Kekekekekekeke. Both my parents already made up their mind to buy red colour.. Last minute call from me.. Whoaaaaaaa... Last call that save my dream!! Haha.

show off should i..?? hahahhaa. take a look guys!! (^_^)

(^_____^) *wide smile*

purple fav camera!! ♥
my mommy never expected i wanted this colour. haha. me too.. keke


But this is still didn't officially mine. Never mind. I could wait for that time. Hehe. At least it was existed in my reality. Hehe. Thanks Mama, thanks Baba.. (♥_♥)

p/s: i'm done (/) at my wish list. hahahahahaha. mr. simple was released on last 3/8, and at this moment.. omg!! shockkk!!! (@_@)

Power of ELFs~



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