Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Just finished. Aishhh.. Tired but happy. All family members gather here (at my house). Yaayyyy!!

Aqeel really made me touched when he wanted to leave from my house. IDK.., suddenly he gave me a hug. Erkkk.. Why with him..??? I hugged him back.

"..when you're coming again..???"

He just smile..

"Okay.. See ya again" I kissed both of his cheek. Aishhh.. This 8 years kid really..

For this time.., i have to admit that I'M SERIOUSLY SUPER HYPER LAZY TO SNAP PHOTOS.. Erkkk~~ But still.., i took. Approximately 10-12 photos. Maybe..???

And the best ever part.., i still have time to flirt with 4 years old lil boy. Kekekeke. Mission: SUCCESS (^_~)

Four lovely photos.. ♥

Nuura with her Mak Langs.. Mak Lang Epah & Mak Lang Iman.. ^^
*wey x payah nak kembang sekuncup semangkuk hampa TERpilih masuk sini*

"I love you, you love me, we are happy family... With the great big hug from me to you"
This is special guest.. Barney!! Hahahahhaa. Nuura's plush toy.

The eldest nieces.., Syifa' and Awfa

Duit Raya..??? Hahahahahaha. *=P

p/s: heenim already cut his hair.. (still gorgeous ^^) hmmm.. tomorrow i will head to pak ngah's resident. i'm not gonna follow you up on the spot heenim.. i guess offline is better.. kekkekeke. hold my tears for tomorrow please..


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