Monday, August 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^

A sincere regret. I didn't know the specific word in English. (my poor english.. erkk) But muslims do called it taubat nasuha.

Since this is the first day of Maghfirah phase a.k.a Ramadhan 15th.. I guess this is the best time to blogging about this..

Human being is not perfect. No tai wan mei at all. Just a prefect i guess.. Kekkekeke. When we talked about taubat nasuha i heard a story.

An old folk man was crying every time he pray. People around him feel weird until one person ask him..

"Uncle..., why did u crying while praying..?? We noticed a long time ago.."

"I ask forgiveness from Allah The Most Gracious to forgive my previous sins. Just that one. I got everything in my life.., but i'm scare if Allah didn't bless me for the rest of my life.."

Erkkk~~ As a youth..., didn't we ashamed to that uncle..??? Yeah.. We might think let just have all that pious thing during our old-aging phase.. Like our grandfathers and grandmothers. But..., did we forgot one thing..??? Death do come without postpone.. Like our Izrail motto.., "procrastination is the thief of time"

Death is guaranteed but why we always super hyper happy at this temporary world..?? Why we are pre-occupied with this limited time until sometimes we forget barzakh..??? Aren't we fear of barzakh..??

Therefore.., we really need taubat nasuha. Let's make a very hard work to achieve the real taubat at Allah side. Taubat that lead to advice to ourselves as in Surah Taaha, ayat 82.

"Dan sesungguhnya Aku Maha Pengampun bagi orang yang bertaubat, beriman, beramal soleh. Kemudian tetap di jalan yang benar"
[Taaha, 20: 82]

The condition of taubat:

1- Fully stop the sins

2- Regret with the past

3- Have an intention not to do the sins

4- Increasing the level of ibadah

But do we notice one thing..?? Why we still did the sins even we are praying to Allah. This could be categorized under balance people. And the answer is..

"The solat that we did is still not achieve to be the role that could avoid us from sin things"

And the person without hisab as promise by Allah Taala was when he or she died, there is no sins. It means two conditions which are:

--->> they never been in sins

--->> they had their own regret before die

So youth..., specially myself, let's check out ourselves before it's too late..

Till next time..

Sebaik-baik orang yang salah itu adalah orang yang bertaubat kerana semua anak Adam itu MESTI melakukan kesalahan kecuali Muhammad S.A.W..

Salam Ramadhan 15.. ^^

p/s: i know that i'm not that great.. but as muslims.., it is my responsibility to remember all of us.. Allah bless forever, Insyaallah.. ^^


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