Monday, August 22, 2011

Rating Post

Assalamualaikum.. ^^ Hello everybody. Hope you're fine..

I didn't have anything to do.. (erkk~~) I read blog tutorial and try to apply it. Therefore i 'operate' my baby blog. Lol!! That is my job right now. Hahahahaa. A-sa!!! It works!! Ho-ho-ho!! (^_^)

And finally i did research (exaggerate again) and found my popular posts..

515 views --->> No Min Woo

I guess maybe viewers know him or they already watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.. Kekeke. Hey guys!! No Min Woo looks more gorgeous at Cosmopolitan front cover.. Hihi. This was first dominated by Indonesian but lately Filipino. Hehe. But seriously.., this was just crazy story that i dreamt on. Hahahahahahaha.

429 views --->> A. N. JELL

Indonesian the most viewers.. They do love You're Beautiful drama or Jang Keun Suk..?? Hehe. But that 3 guys do attractive. Hahahaha *=P

201 views --->> NIKON COOLPIX S3100

This gadjet post was read by many Koreans.. Gumawo.. ^^ I already owned it!! How bout you..?? (^_~)

179 views --->> ~Someday~

I really missed my best-est BFFs that time. Tears falling down..

125 views --->> Online Shopping (@_@)

I didn't notice who read the most. But at least they know all my stuffs. Hahahahaha. Pin-button, tee, file, phone chain. And the most ever best part.., Super Junior M Perfection album. Weeeehuuu.. I provide my experiences, some little tips too..

p/s: Heenim!! Why so early? Why?!!! (T_T)


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