Friday, August 5, 2011

scrabble #4

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

When my age increase (i don't want to say getting older.. hahahahahaha) i realized one thing. I didn't care anymore about to own marvellous handphone.

sometimes felt that this is tv remote control
*hang nampak horse407..?? hang paham la aku rujuk kat sapa. ha3*

should i forget this Xperia X8..??

..and should i forget my wish list..???

I don't know. Hahahahaha. I just didn't care.., plus after my N70 was stolen. *=,( Just for texting and calling it would be okay. But sometimes i do want my handphone ringing with a song. Not the polyphonic.. Hahhahaha. *=P


My bff, Amed was accident. Thanks to Allah.., no bad injury. Just scratches. But his message last night made me laughed.

"Interesting fact. The injury at Amed shoulder like J-alphabet shaped. J is referring to his favourite artist which is Jaejoong. "

Errrkkk~~ Should you be like that..?? No worry at all.. Hahhahaha. Get well soon dude!!

p/s: today i just laugh, laugh and laugh, laugh again and again and again. hahahahhahaa. until my mommy said "your work is laughing.." because of yeye and siwon tweet maybe..?? hehe. idk.. (^_^) 3 pics that have siwonie. oh my!! (^_~)

this is rare.. to have his 3 photos a day. damn happy!!
*wide smile* (^___________^)
thanks for the updates!!


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