Monday, July 11, 2011

walking in the network

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Currently at home from last night.. I didn't do nothing.. Sometimes i laughed because remember my Mak Lang treats me like refugee. Hahahahahhaa. Oh!! Already missed the moments.. <3 Since i'm at home again..., urghhhhh my korean fever temperature increased again. Well at least while i was at granny house.., i could bully play with Mawardi or Hanan. Kekekekke. Great to have fun with toddlers.. ^^

Yeah..., when i'm back at home.., i started over again.. I feel like stalker. Hahahahahahaha. Seriously.. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I found this....,

_tumblr_ is interesting especially when it related to my 15 boyfriends.. Hahahhahaha *devil laugh* I didn't think i wanna have the account, already messy had with fb, twitter, blog, y!m. no more account please (@_@) but i do enjoy tumblr very much (^______^) <<--- just look at my smile.. Kekekkee.

Walking at tumblr.. See the authors' creative photos.. Ahhh~~ It was fun (regarding 21 y.o jobless people a.k.a it-was-me!!) And the most best ever part.., download it. Hahahhahahahaha. Yeah!! I'm really crazy. Also screaming like crazy people (again) whenever i read fanfics.. Anybody envy with my free-styled life..??? Kekekeke. Peace..!! (^_~)V

Hmmm..., last night he was really distracted my peacefully night.. Arghhhh.. What happened..?? Hope he's fine. I was..., i feel like i was hypnotized by him!! Kakakakakaa. I keep saying henry, henry, henry even i'm half-concious. Hahahahahahhahaa. (wey dia wat minyak senyonyong ka minyak pengasih kat aku..??)

mochi..., do take care!!
u really scared me last night!!
..but he's cutie right..??? *=P <<--- still have time

p/s: della..!! i'm finished your secret weapon.. yayyyyyy!! it was really awesome.. b(^_^)d thumbs up!! salute! but.., why i couldn't access your tumblr like previous..??? huwaaaaaaaaaaa *=,( this is really frustrated..

till next time readers.. thanks for your visit.. <3


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