Thursday, July 7, 2011

King of Fruit

Assalamualaikum... ^^ Hello everybody. Happy happy day..

If you're super power.., can you tell me what happened in Malaysia right now..?? Please thinking. Do wondering. Make your assumptions. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! All of you wrong..!! Right now in Malaysia was durian fever..

And this is Malaysian face when the season come

Errrrkkkk~~ But not me. I didn't eat durian.. Hahahahhaa. It has strong smell. UNLIKE button. Kekekekkeke. My parents ate fulled of appetito.. I'm dizzy with the smell. Poor of me. Hahahahhaha.

Basically they eat with sticky rice mixed with coconut milk. Erkk.. Gila kembang tekak aku. (@_@) I'm not attractive at all.. But how come this dish make them drooling.. Do wipe your mouth water... Kekekekeke. Sometimes i'm wondering.. Am i alien..?? Didn't eat durian..?? Hahahhaha. Whatever!! Didn't suit my taste..


p/s: gila kalaw aku dapat husband hat hantu durian. jenoh aku... erkkkk~~


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