Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Babe ♥

Hello there!! ^^

I had nothing to write for today.. Hehe. Just a simple wish to this girl...

happy 21st birthday babe..

Thanks for these time being, thanks for the friendship, thanks for the love.. Let's just continue with our craziness towards Super Junior.. Just maintain your Ryeosomnia.. Scream like usual. Hahahahahahahaha. Never stop with your day-dreaming. Pangako sayo to me please.. Hehehhe. Thanks for everything Jenny.. I♥U

(@_@) dizzy with over speed pic. erkkk~~~ (@_@)

live the fullest!! am i last person wishing u..?? i keep avoiding u today.. damn hard!! hahahahaa *evil laugh* hehe (^_~)

This naughty Jen always teasing me i'm lesbian whenever i'm asking for kiss or hug.. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha. I'm normal.. How could i'm being like that if i'm in love with Simba..??? Wink! Wink! *;) Silly Jen!!! Hahhhahahahahaha.

a-ha.. stop show off that SS3 photobook Jen.. rawrrr (>_<)

I found this pic when i'm stalking walking at your fb. Ahhhh~~ Just hide your smile please. Don't made me envy (already envy. hmmmppphhh) This Jen is really.. Grrrr.. But thanks for Simba epilogue too.. ♥ it!! Emm.. Another pics for me..??? *demanding* Kekekeke

p/s: jen, i'm sorry.. i didn't tell u that i'm 'stole' your pics via fb.. don't mad at me.., you'll be like older mrs. tiburcio... ryeong9 will leave ya!! hahahaha. *=P and don't forget to pray for me.. tomorrow i will know the result for entering university. nervous + shivering (@_@) ...and do send my regards to piolo pascual.. <<--- still have time

munie a.k.a siwon choi.., future gf? fiancee? wifey? hahahahahhaa *=P

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