Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update ^^

Assalamualaikum... (^_^) <<---- First impression bring great impact! Cheese..

What the...??? I try to subscribe Twitter via phone.. !@#$%^&*()_+ Gosh!!! Didn't work!! Hmphhh... Or just suitable with phone who have Android, iPhone and what so ever expensive types of phones like me..

Okay... I just chillax!! (>_<) gggrrrrrrr <<--- actual reaction. Hahahahhaa. Yea3... Only RM1/per week. Duhh... Really ruined my image if didn't success.. Huwaaaaa *=,(

A-ha.. I'm now had 3 kids.. (^_~) Wink! Wink!

Master..??? When did you married..??

Last 23 years old. Hahahahahaha.

Errrkkk~~ -ve 2 years..

Hahahahaha. Joking baby!! ..but i'm waiting for Siwon Choi to confess me.. Wargh3.. (^_~)V

Master, you're exaggerating again.. Duuhhhh. I'm sorry for not taking care more to my master.. I'll make sure she didn't have her overdose dreaming.. Mianh...

OFF crazy part

..and Happy Birthday for Leeteuk on 1st July..
Proud of you..., for being such a great leader.. <3
(sorry for late posting.. technical error)

#AngelTeukDay was trending in Philippines last night. yaaaayyyyyyy!!
hyung-ah.. elf really loves you!!

good night everybody. sweet dream.. <3

p/s 1: wey nodeah... padan muka hang.. sok selamat kembali ke tanjung malim.. wargh3... mesti malam niyh tidoq x aman . kah3... *gelak jahat nak mampuih*

p/s 2: 2 3 menjak niyh aku dok melayan permaidani from aris ariwatan... wink! wink! (^_~)


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