Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cartoon Maniac

Assalamualaikum... ^^

A-haa.. When the weekends come.., it will be horrible day to my Mom and Dad. Kekekekeke. Did you know why..??? A lot of cartoon!! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!

My mommy always babbling that i love to watch cartoon. Mwahahahaa. How could i avoid it because i really love cartoons!! *;)

"U want me and dad watching cartoon too..??" (mom, why not?? hahahaha)

"You know what.., cartoons just only for little kids like your nieces and nephews"

Bhahahahaha. Poor my beloved parents have 21 years old daughter like me. Hahhahahaa. Everyday 5.00 p.m i will book the TV. Spongebob waiting for me. Hahhahahahaa

don't you think he's cutie.. hehe

When i was in high school..., this were my favourite cartoon. (♥_♥)

This is my favourite ever cartoon. Slam Dunk. I love the way they play basketball. And i'm really fall in love with Kaede Rokawa, number 11 jersey owner.. ♥ He's really cool with such a cold typed person.. Whoaaaaaaa. My friends at high school know me well that i'm crazy towards Kaede.. This was on aired when i was in Form 1 (if i'm not mistaken) So.., whenever it's time to back at home.., I would never missed it. If i have to stay at hostel.., i don't watch it. (1 TV share with many students..?? no way!!) I just found the web that have full episode of Slam Dunk. Already bookmarked it. I will wath it a.s.a.p. Bling! Bling!

I do have full episode of this Cardcaptor Sakura when i was 19 y.o. Hahahahaha. I was in college that time on 3rd semester. Kakakkakaa. I have to delete it because my lappy suffered obese memory. I like Shaoran Li.. Hahahhahaa. Same with Kaede.., Li looks very cold. But he's cool actually. Kero was the one who always talk active and made me laugh. Kekekke. This is super awesome.. ^^

Okay. I think i'm quite lazy to write. Hehe. Just take a look at cartoon i watched. Could be considered as my favourite cartoons.. ^^

Detective Conan

This cartoon do have it's own comics. But i prefer to watch the anime on TV. My cousin like to read the comics. Ahh~~ Seriously.., i didn't know how to read via comics. Hahahhaa. *=P

Kung Foot

Kim Possible



The Smurf

This blue toon. My friends know the cartoon but didn't know what their name. Erkkk~~ When i mentioned them i wanted Smurf plush toy. They asked me which cartoon..?? When i attached the photos.. This their answer --->> Yeahhh.. I know this cartoon. Erkkk~~

So.., who said watching cartoon is childish. Yea.. Maybe some people would say like that. But for me.., instead of watching cartoons + with the stupid jokes sometimes.., it gives us the good virtues. For examples.., cartoons make we learned about friendship, how to defense our world, how great team works compared we done by ourselves, how to co-operate with people around and many more. Don't you ever say it was childish hobby. Arasso..??

<<<<<-------------------HUG WAVES COMEBACK----------------->>>>>>

anticipating. yayyyyyyyyy!!! (^_^)

heart beat:

p/s: a big condolence for Siwon Choi because his grandmother passed away. be strong hyung!!


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