Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^

I NEVER ever try to wash car. Hahhahaha. That's me!! As i remembered.., i still little kid when the last time my super hero dad wash his car manually. Hehehehhe. So i didn't know nothing that time. Just play with bubble water in the pail. ^^ Whoaaaa..

And today i had desire to wash the car.. Yayyyyyy!!! Oh my!! Just started and.., tangan aku lenguh nak mampuih! Tidakkkkkkkkkkkkk.. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,( Tapi aku kena habeyhkan jugak laa. Takkan nak basuh reta sebelah kanan ja bagi b'kilau dek pancaran matahari..?? Yang sebelah kiri berabuk?? Hahahhaha. Terpaksa la aku meneruskan perjuangan....

Inilah barisan kita..
Yang ikhlas berjuang..
Siap sedia berkorban..
Untuk ibu pertiwi..

Apa kehai lagu ni pulak yang keluaq...??? Errkk~~

From that moment.., i will appreciate the man who in charge at car wash even there were automatic machine. Definitely!! I know how tired them are. And also..., i will never ever wash MANUALLY again. Hagahagahagahga.

------------sleeping mode zZzZzZzZ--------------

...and i got the gossip.. Checked. Damn!! It's true!! Again..??? For 2nd time..?? Ahhhh~~ You really hurt me. And you really RUINED my mood. What the..??? Yea.. Maybe nothing. Just friend but why with her..?? My love fade a little bit. Seriously.., i was frustrated. Till next time~~ Am i emo..??? Yeah!! I am..

--------------- ),=* Teary Eyes Mode *=,( ---------------

Thanks to Mochi.. (^____^) <<----- able to smile again! Yayyyyy!!! _Yilan_

This is the best shot i'd like the most!! ^^
anybody can give me his Hi! tee..???


success with one leg

okay.. failed to balance!! hahahahaha


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