Monday, July 4, 2011

Grrr and Noch

Assalamualaikum... ^^

Ohh man... Tomorrow they gonna hang out!! I couldn't join them.. Ahhh~~ They will provoke me till the end. Kuromeyo!! (@_@) erkkkk~~~ Provocation..., really ruined my image..!!!

(Heart said ---->>Munie..., you should pray to get strength. Aamin3...)

Let just wait what they gonna do to me.. Scroll ------------------>>>

Lili & Mah

These two girls always ruined my image.. Hahahhahaa. When they collaborate together..., aahhhhh~~ my world will swirl.. Kekkekeke. But really enjoy with them while on facebook or twitter. Thanks to Allah Lili couldn't online.. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahaha (ok. laugh right now and you'll cry tomorrow T_T tsk! tsk! tsk!)

We get along again because k-pop. Hahahahhaa. Right now..., what i'm gonna say... I missed them tremendously... (-_-) I'll meet both of you.. Someday~~

Should i ready for 2nd 4PM..?? Erkkkk (#_#) (@_@) Heart..., please be patient. Calm down.. Phewwww~~


Kyuhyun's girlfriend..??

Hahahahahahaha. One of my friend a.k.a kyuhyun bias believe this is his gf. I laughed because she really mean it. Kak Min oh kak min.. Tbeliak bijik mata hang.. Kekekekeke. Kak ipaq hang la hat neyh.. Kyuhyun's noona.. (^_^)

Cho Ahra..., happy birthday
I just think she's beautiful.. (^_^)

This is my very first time know she is Kyuhyun's noona. She was trending at Twitter because of her update at CY.

p/s: my baby blog was sick.. it took almost 2 minutes before fully loading.. i'm sorry.. i try to fix it a.s.a.p. what happened to you baby blog..?? i'm really sad *=,(


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