Friday, July 22, 2011

Soccer + Screaming!!

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

We entered new day 21 minutes just now right...?? Therefore my down mode during day-time disappear like bubble.. I just screaming like crazy nut (again) last an hour. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Emmm.. Master, this is not Little Mermaid story lol!!! Hahahahhaha.

Shut up baby blog.. Hehehehehe (blushed)

That down mode really change my mood. Agreed with my mind this night i won't online. *sigh* Just wanna finished my korean drama. Another 3 episodes to finish it.

♥ Kim Hyun Joon ♥

Human just able to plan.. The rest..., Allah the most gracious will fate it. Hehe. Sudden text from Lili. She said tonight will be match. Malaysia vs Chelsea. Supposed to be excited like previous match.

I don't know when.. And i was in front of Mom's lappy suddenly. Hahahahhaha. (^_^) What happened next..??? I watched the game. Hahahahahhahahahahhahaa. Really unexpected Munirah Azmi lol!! (^_~)V Today was really the best!! I watch via Fox Soccer and it didn't hang like previous (Malaysia vs Arsenal) Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

And i'm really satisfied with the game. Harimau Malaya increase their aggressive level. Well.., that could be consider as a new spirit after got 3 goals while versus Liverpool. Hehe.

...and because the ball was bound, Chelsea got goal. Or... should i say a little mistake that brought smile to Dieder Drogba. (>_<) And i would say Chelsea just got 1-0..??? What the...??? Am i provoked Chelsea...??? Hahahhahahahhahahahaa. *=P

Malaysia..., you impressed me tonight!!

i just on while they start for 2nd half. hehe (^_^)

if my ears didn't mistaken..., malaysian shouted "Malaysia" many times. whoaaaa..
this is awesome!! (^_^)

Congrats Malaysia!! Your defense much better.


And i found Siwon Choi photos at fb. *curious face* When this photo was taken..?? Blonde hair coloured...??? *more curious* Is that his new look..?? *fastest reflection* Yessss!!! It was his new photos. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. His appearance at Mulberry made me bling! bling! Hahahahahahha.

Master, you talk like you bumped with him. Aigoo~~ My master really not feeling well if it is Siwon's matter. Mianh...

All of you know how much i'm wondering his hair colour right..?? Aishhhh. 5thjib fever!!

stop showing your dimples...

He always gorgeous no matter what... ♥ ♥ ♥



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