Friday, July 8, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Last night i was at my pak ngah resident.. Hahahah. Iman i knew u envy me.. Kakakakakakkaka *devil laugh*

..and early in the morning it was really cool!!! Mak ngah prepared nasi lemak... Weeehuuuuuu. Delicious.. Nyummy nyummy.. Quite long time ago i didn't have nasi lemak as my breakfast. Haahahahahha.

After i'm coming home.. Erkkkk. I'm sleepy damn much!!! What happened..??? Forget the world.. Let's sleep.. Hahahahahhahahaha.

Right now i was at granny house.. Sleep here tonight because i made promise with my cousin: i'll sleep before she went to college, tomorrow.. or else maybe the day after tomorrow..

This coming 15th UPU result. aaaaaaaaaaa. nervous!! (shivering) please pray for me. Aamin...

Missed my co-ELF.., Mah, Lili, Jenny, Kak Gee... neomu bogosyipeo.. ^^

p/s: sep bek aku dan jumpa epah.. kirim buku cha kat dia..


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