Thursday, June 30, 2011

CBC is Complaint-Bash-Criticism

Assalamualaikum.. (^_^) <<--- big smile..

Well, well, well... How was your day..??? I hope everybody have bright colours, increasing day-to-day.. Insyaallah...

These past few weeks..., i'm really addicted to blogging.. Hehehehuhaha. I just... Happy when i wrote anything.. Objective ---->>> JUST WROTE and dating with my baby blog.. Hehehe.


Around 4 p.m. i called my best-est Leya.. What made me called her..., regarding her tag to me via fb...

"Munirah Azmi sejak bile anda sign up jadi blogger k-pop"
"Munirah Azmi when did you sign up as a k-pop blogger"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahaa. I laughed like crazy.. Sorry dear!! Did u forget i'm Siwonest..??? Kekekekeke.


I just wondering..., what are you doing after long time no see... Therefore i would like to read your blog. But your stories fulled of Siwon, Siwon, Siwon or else..., Super Junior.. This is Super Junior's blog or yours...???


Hahahahahahahhahaa. That's my life right now... I just happy the way i am right now.. Really happy.. (^_^)

Leya: When u became bloggish..??

Me: Huh..???

Leya: Blogging in English...

Me: Hahahahaha. Wanna change sometimes... Kekekkee

how could i turn back, pretending i didn't see him..??
~always charmed people around him~

here my cool guys.. (^_^)

Why i like them..?? The most reasonable answer ---->> scroll
they never hurt me
..and i found ELFs around the world unite because of them.. ^^

Another said...,
New entry please..
Really didn't satisfy.., you korean freak..!!
Didn't want to open your wall (fb).., fulled of k-pop
Yah!! My home (fb) fulled of korean... Grrrr (>_<)

These month really have a lot of SJ and Siwon.. Kekekeke. Mianh (-_-) I just happy the way i'm right now.. Do understand me..

I just received my Perfection album.. Yaaaayyyyyyy!!! I screamed because of poster and not because my album arrived safely. Hahahahahahhaha. Really didn't expect that poster was big like that.. Kekekekekeeke. Thank ya Mr. Postman who's very loyal send my items at home.. (^_^)

do i need to hug a piece of paper pretending i hug the boys.. wargh3..

Master!! How dare u flirting with the boys...??? How about me??!! Don't u dare!!

Lol!! Hahahahahhaha (^_~)V


Tomorrow..., our new month in this year started.. Time flow sooo fast.. And may July bring more happiness to all of us.. Love all of you!! Do take care..^^

-i'm waiting for university.. please pray for me. aamin....

p/s: last item.. countdown mode... ;)

** thanks for pics source**



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