Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum...^^ Peace upon you..

I just want to share the article i got from Facebook.. I'm really disappointed when i read this..


Request Fair and Reasonable Treatment for Super Junior

Again and again, the unfair treatment to Super Junior is breaking our hearts. But for the sake of our beloved SJ, we choose to ignore all the nonsense. However, we show our tolerance and yet we get intensified hurts in return. For instance, the unfair award by GDA (Golden Disk Award)

And the SM Town Concert held in Paris recently, the official fan page on Facebook kept posting other artistes' photos. They uploaded a few only after fans' repeated requests for Super Junior's photo. Even had fans had commented that they thought Super Junior was missing or they were not participating in the show. From here we can see how the company ignoring them.

Ironically, in certain Korean Media News, super junior became a dispensable role eventhough from the video we can clearly see that there's a lot of supports and love shown to them. But the media did not even mention their name. These factless reports were hurting us and also the people we love from our heart.

In fact, their popularity is obvious since they have been choosen as the honorary ambassador for Korean Food Promotion and Seoul Summer Sale. However, this does not improve their position in the company. Their popularity is fully utilized and yet a proper recognition and a fair treatment which they deserve is still not given.

So if you're ELF.., please sign this petition.. CLICK HERE Support our SJ

I'm done!! Number 7453 (^^,)

Till then~~

p/s: i realized that i got only 2 photos of Siwon from the official fan page on Facebook. this is really frustrated..


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