Monday, June 20, 2011




My day (at this moment) happy, happy, happy.. Kekekekkeke. Why..??? Didn't believe..?? (^______^) <<--- see my smile.. haha

Last night.., after back from village, i sleep. Hahahaha. This past few days.., my eyes surrendered early.. (white flag) And early in the morning.., my friends via facebook, rima yamashita posted on my wall.. Errkkkk.. Both Siwon and Yunho. 2 in 1 pic... (@_@) Screamed... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Really thanks her.. Kekekkeke. And my another friends show me her edit.. Screamed again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I was captured by her own creative!! <3 And the most i couldn't believe.., twhwanbin replied me..??? hhahahahhaa. big surprise!!^^



I already told..., Pos Laju. But why using Pos Ekspress..?? *faint* I have the incident.. My sock!! Therefore i was traumatized.. Huwaaaaaaaaaa *=,( But i hope everything will be fine.. Aamin.. Aamin.. Aamin..

But right now..., my eyes like wanna popped out.. Erkkkk. As i promised.., i will never break my promise.. Why u think i play-play like Phua Chu Kang..??? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Already told u.., i will settle it up no matter how.. You really didn't take my promise seriously.. Duhh~~ (dizzy suddenly).. Ahhh~~ Why people try to separate us Siwon..?? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,( Thanks god i read that comment.. Really unable to determine my feeling right now (-_-)

p/s: Seha..., tulong selamatkan aku.. Kalaw tidak memang aku meraung tahap gaban!!

OFF; 6:01 p.m. (with mixed feeling)


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