Friday, June 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^ Cheer up your mood so that it will have colourful day!!

I feel empty, zero, blurr, nothing, blank.. Weirdo.. Never happened before this.. But i swear..., i missed these two girls!! *=,(



They were my roommates for past three years.. Damn!! I couldn't bear anymore.. Huwaaaaaaaaa (tears falling down) *=,(

Aku rindu masa kita gelak macam orang gila, masa kita p pasar malam, masa kita btengkaq, masa kita keluaq, masa kita masak, masa kebuloq, masa naik teksi pakcik sharom, ..everything!! I missed all the moments..

Rindunya kat hampa dua... Sob3.. *=,(

Just finished calling my BFF, Nan. Really missed her.. At least could fade a little bit of my missing mood.. Hmmm~~

missed u damn much!!!

Someday..., i'll meet all of u.. Urghhhh... Really emotional today.. Huwaaaaa *=,(

Woot woot! Woot woot!!

editor jinu..., thanks!!

but still.., couldn't cheer me the fullest *=,( what happened today..??

Love.., give the best feeling that couldn't be interpret with rough eye..
It's the heart relationship..

p/s: siwon choi back to taiwan today.. safe journey.. i'm waiting for his acting in skip beat..^^


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