Saturday, June 4, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. (^_^)

I hope everybody will be in colourful day... Even my day is quite cloudy *=,( But still..., i must express my happiness.. Yeayyyyyyyyyy!!!

Today is Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour in Malaysia.. But i didn't go. I didn't prepare any budget to meet sukkie.. Huwaaaaaaa. Even the CHEAPEST i couldn't buy... Phewwwww~~

Munie.., let's just stare the free tix Red FM gave to the winner

premium gift for vvip & vip ticket cri show 2011..
supposed to be mine!!!

I'm followed the updates.. One that make me screamed... Sukkie was crying... Ahhhh~~~ You're so adorable..

"This show is small but you guys make the show bigger.."

His last song was My Precious.. Yeah..., Malaysia fan's was precious to u.. Hehe. (^_^)

I found the girl that have joined the cri show... Whoaaaaaaa.. I'm really excited. She told me Sukkie promised to come Malaysia again.. I will waiting for him.. Hehe.

p/s: Siwon-ah, saranghae the most.. *=P


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