Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Online Shopping (@_@)

Assalamualaikum... (^_~)

Today was such a great day!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! Alhamdulillah... Thanks to Allah..., our Creator^^ Right now.., i was sincerely addicted to online shopping.. Dig my own grave.. I only have RM20 in my bank right now.. Wahahahahahaha. But at least.., i could feel the satisfaction.. (^____^) Really felt it!! Never mind about money.. You could find it. Yeah3.. But please..., do love your money... ($_$)

These korean drama.., was a collaboration with my cousin, Amie.. Hahahahhaa. We bought these and exchanged.. Brilliant3!! Sparrrrrta!! But Haru was crazy.. Wargh3. We couldn't able to stop our laugh.. Hahahhaha.

(^_^) I'm K-Pop Freak!!

My beloved's name.. One i bought thru online.., but another one, Mamat, my best-est cousin bought for me while he was outstation <<--- exaggeration. hahahhaa^^

I'm KyuWon lover.. 2 for me, 2 for Amie

phone chain..

I was captivated when i first saw this tee while Super Junior performed on Super Show 3 at Vietnam. Fans uploaded SJ members pic and i truly hypnotized with the tee. The day after SS3 Viet.., i asked as many as i could to online k-pop shop owner. U bought from SPAO..?? Are u crazy..?? U think i'm rich enough to buy from SPAO..??? Hahahha. Thanks to Weikeng Ho who tagged me on Facebook. Feel like wanna scream when i saw the pic.. Hahahhahaha (overdose) The price is affordable.. Seriously..^^

Wondering what's the number means.. Hmm.... At last i knew that those numbers represent their d.o.b. Ho also gave me that sticker too.. ~Please treat him as a child~ U know whom..??? Of course Heechul.. Hahahhaha. Thanks dearie^^

I love these buttons.. Two were key chain and another was pin-button.. Love her edit. I really didn't expect the edit made me satisfy. Just a little mistake from two "O" to one "O". She already correct it. Gumawo^^ When my eyes turned to eagle eye.. Kekekekeke.

look.. how many envelopes did i have... kekekke

this was really cool... i got receipt from the seller.. OFFICIAL receipt..^^ no need to know the amount.. hahahhaha *=P Private and confidential.. Gagaggagagagaga.

From the experiences...,

1- do not place your order on the spot.. try to compare the price with another sellers..

2- ask either the price including shipping fee or excluding

3- ask them when the current batch close so that u could estimate how many days left

4- ask them either it was pos laju or post ekspress.. (Malaysia buyers only)

in my opinion..., post laju is better than pos ekspress.. (even u must paid a little higher than pos ekspress) well at least pos laju will give u notification when u didn't at home so that u could pick your item(s) at post office.. more safe right..?? because once u received the item(s).., u must put down your signature or IC number.. pos ekspress? the postman just leave in your mailbox either u exist or not at home. erkkkk~~

5- the best ever part.., better u buy from ready stock items..

basically they will send to u tomorrow after u made payment today..^^


Devil Tips... Hahahahhahaha

Make your payment last minute... Wahahahaha. For example the day or two days or three days before batch is close so that u did not wait tooooo long.. Hahhahahahaha <<--- really devil

The incidents...

1- I'm waiting almost one month and my item didn't arrive!! (>_<) Goshhh... I went crazy!! It was RM50.. Not 50 cents okay!! Where's the item..??!! I want refund.. 3 times i sent via email to her but no response. Thanks God. At last she replied me.. I keep your promise to refund me dear...

2- Since i didn't make payment yet.., i saw the poster... Plus with the previous one. Really love Eunhyuk face reaction.. Hahahhahaha. The poster was ready stock and have three.

After i made payment.., she said it was bought by another buyers. What the.....??!! U already count my total payment but u gave to the other? She really apologized.. Earlier.., it was fine but when that buyer made her payment.., she paid for three posters.. Huh!! Greedy girl (who bought all three!!) I just wondering..., why won't u told that buyer that one of the poster are mine?!! Duhhh~~ But already settle.. ^^

3- I booked 1 item and already said to her that i will take a long time to make payment since i didn't go out. By hook or by crook..., i will settle it a.s.a.p. After quite a long time..,

Girl: the item still available or not??

Seller: already booked, but after three days didn't make payment.., i will re-sale it

!@#$%^&*() I swear.., i will cry if i didn't get that item!!! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

4- Item didn't arrive after 13 days until right now. Erkkk~~

What made me angry like angry birds...,

when i trace the tracking code.., it was already arrived at my state. But i didn't get it. I called the post office and complained about the condition..

5- I chose pos laju but the seller used pos ekspress.. Really made me stress... (#_#) What if my item didn't arrive to me..??? (#_#) Thanks god it was received to me.. Alhamdulillah..

6- Item was out of stock.., but she didn't refund me. She said she will post after get the new stock. I keep her words... Waiting for her new batch to close.. Hmmm..~~

7- Item was cracked.. Omg!! What the.... (>_<)

8- I didn't know either battery was out or the function was damage... Hmppphhhhhh. But still okay if it was damage.. No body know.. Gagaggagagaga.

9- Got email.. I must add another RM5 because my item had retention at customs. Erkk~~

  • We expect like this.., but it wasn't like we imagine. Therefore..., don't trust your imagination..
  • Online shopping have it's own risks as we a buyer had to face it.. ^^ Condition 4 and 9 was really familiar..

If u don't dare.., DO NOT try (this at home)

Okayyyyyy.. Enough.. I didn't have anymore budget to buy online.. And Munie..., pleaseeee..

bare in your mind
--->> NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK <<---
--->> NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK <<---
--->> NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK <<---

Thank you for the commercial break

Let just stare.. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

p/s: waiting for another two last items.. (^_^)



  1. beli munie beli munie beli munie ss3photobook!rm130 je pun.xde hal,duit blh cri lg,buku ni xde dh nt.xsapot Siwon kalau xbeli.muahahahahaha.*gelak syaiton*

  2. hahahhahaa. wey hg x pa laa reja.. aku reja gak.. hadap fb, blog, twitter, ym.. haaa.. hg kena paham.. kita berbeza.. tapi siwon paham.. aku support dia dengan setulus hati.. humble prince in my heart.. <3 him