Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(>_<) ----->> (^_^)

Assalamualaikum... (^_^) Hope all of u are doing fine..

As for RIGHT NOW.., AT THIS MOMENT.., i would say i'm not in a good mood.. What the..?? It's damn illogical!!! Phewww~~ I didn't want to mention it.., let just keep to myself.. Yah!! Really ruined my image!! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! <<--- borrow iljimae trademark word. Hahahhahaa (still can laugh...)

But...., (sudden 'but' with bling! bling! face) once i suddenly opened my friend's tumblr..., make me smile again.. Hahhahahahaaa (laugh again)

Erkkk~~ Master..., just now i think you're in swing mood mode..

Hahahhahaha. Did u know why...??? After i saw this...

♥♥ would be my 1st as usual.. ♥♥

2nd place after Simba..

And the rest... Yayyyy!!!

Cutie right...??? Kakkakakakakaa. Shake their head again and again and again and again and again and...

Yah!!! How many again...??? Hahahahahaha. (^_~)V

Hmmm... I have 13 boyfriends... You..??? You didn't have right..??? Hahhahahaha. So please... Don't envy me.. Hahahahahhaha *=P

♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥

--> Credit to the real owner... Really thanks..^^

If u want them to be your boyfriends..., please be a part of
sapphire blue ocean

p/s: what happened with sungminnie face and heenim hair..??? huwaaaaa *=,( after publish it ruin both cutie.. duhhh~~ mianh.. (-_-)



  1. hahhahahahahaha, nak tergelak tgk sume nih....

  2. comey apa... hahahahahaha. actually akak pun gelak gilerrr masa tjumpa kat tumblr kawan akak.. kakakaka. jgn terikut bila tgk dah.. hahahaha

  3. mmg ade terikut pun, pale pun start pning....stuju, suju oppa mmg comey, hahahaha....

  4. hahahahahahhaa. wey akak pun terikut gak mula2.. kakakakakkaa. pening (#_#)