Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Assalamualaikum...^^ Hello there..

Guess what..?? Today is our SUPER HERO DAD day... Yayyyy!! Hmm.., what distracted me.., when mother's day.., i'm always forget.. Kekekekeke. Mama.., i'm sorry..

Okay..., back to the topic..

Did you think being a dad in this new millennium is easy..?? No.. Because children nowadays soooo complicated. There were many influences out there lead to many negative impacts. If they were not able to control their children.., you know the answer right..?? Definitely our attitude ruin!! If that happened.., don't you think they were not sad..???

Dad.. You know they were cool physically.. But inside.., they were crying.. That's our daddy feeling.. They tried to give the best to the family. How come you ignore them when you grow up..?? Check yourself.. If we accidently hurt them.., ask for forgiveness..

Remember my mom's word..
"No dad, you will never ever exist in this world.."

Therefore, to my beloved Baba..., AZMI BIN YUSOF

May Allah blessed u always.. There were no man daebakkk!! like you.. <3 Thanks for these 21 years old.. Thanks for everything.. Saranghae.. <3

..And to my uncles...,

Mahaiyadin bin Awang Tahir
Fadzil bin Awang
Ahmad bin Awang

To my cousins..,

Mohd Hapiz bin Mahaiyadin
Yahya bin Jamaluddin
Mohamad Azhari bin Ali
Ali bin Hashim
Muhammad Fakhrurrazi bin Ariffin

and father-to-be cousins..,

Imran bin Ahmad Marzuki
Mohd Nur Azad bin Abd. Rahman

I wish all of u ..,

I have Baba, Ayah and Abah in this big happy family.. Kekekkee.

p/s: it's hard to get my dad's photo.. erkkk~~ huwaaaa.. jen, u really made me envy (>_<) with your photos at tumblr..

your daughter