Saturday, June 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum everybody... (^_^)

May your day fulled of happiness colours even it was hard to face obstacles.. Everything happened for a reason..^^ Do believe it!!

Okay.., as i promised.., i want to share my little experiences during 3 days vacation.. Take a look at this map. Scroll ------->>>

Take a look at the blue circle.. ^^ You can see Georgetown, Taiping and Brinchang.. All these were different in state... Yeayyyyyyy!!! Georgetown was in Penang, Taiping was in Perak and Brinchang was in Pahang.

My 1st journey was Cameron Highland in Pahang Darul Makmur.. "Mangkuk Hijau Malaysia" (Cameron again..??? Yeahhh.. Favourite port ^^) Ahhh~~ Damn cool. Hahahhahaha. But i'm really surrender (white flag) about the road.. Dizzy.. Huwaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

So, outsiders... Please... Include Cameron Highland as your tourism list when you come to my country..^^

Proceed to Taiping, Perak.. We arrived around 4 o'clock here.. Guess my destination..??? Scroll ---->>

Hahahahahaha. You will laugh to me.. Kekekkekee. We went to Taiping Zoo.. Kekekkekekee. Hehe. I'm very excited and frustrated too..

Excited: Long time no see with animals..

Frustrated: Didn't have enough time to explore the zoo because time is running out!!

I went there 5 p.m. and the zoo close at 6 p.m. Too bad~~ I'm not able to meet familiar animals while i was kid; mr. zebra, mr. giraffe, mr. tiger, many more.. duhhh~~~ *=,(

While in Penang..., i went to Padang Kota.. Just stop there having a lunch.. When you go to Penang..., please (again) try ~char kue tiau~ This is food okay..??? Not tourism place. Hahahhahahahaha. Sorry.. *=P

But firstly..., i must ride this ferry to stop at Padang Kota.. Feel like on Titanic <<-- exaggeration. Hahahhahahaha. Jack!!! Rose!! Hahhahaha... (crazy)

...I love while on this...
Love the wave sound
Love the fresh air while in the middle of sea

Sometime I asked my dad let's go to Penang. Why?? Just to ride this 'Titanic' Yeah!! I feel great u know... Hehe (^_^) *happy*

I feel like this.. Hahahahaha. remember this scene..???
I'm flying..

Master, where is your photos...???

(Errrrkkk) Quiet baby blog... I'm big enough to have a photos.. Hmm..

Just say u ruined your parents camera..

Yeah3.. I admit it.. (-_-) <<--- ashamed of baby blog's word

**that's why tix pic is blurr

Have a visit here at MALAYSIA.. Why? Cause you're amazing like Bruno Mars said.. ^^

Hehe. (^_~)V

Just a simple blogging for this time... Take care everybody... Hope all of u doing fine.. ^^ See ya next time!! When..??? Hahahahhaha. (that my answer)


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