Sunday, June 12, 2011

Twin Day!!

Assalamualaikum... ^^
Great Sunday to everyone... May Allah blessed us.. Insyaallah... (^^,)

For today...., i think it belonged to Kama and Muna.. Hehe. Welcome to my club.. Terbaikkkk!!

Sanah helwah yang ke-21..
Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu.. Aamin..

Rindu kat hampa dua orang...!! Seriously. Aku dilanda penyakit rindu kat hampa niyh...

Introducing.... Naughty twin ----------->>>

miss black scarf: Mukarramah -kama-
miss white scarf: Munawwarah -muna-

Yeah.. They look the same.., but different.. I swear.. Hehe. This is my 3rd twin friend.. Being with this crazy twin always made me laugh..

So.., who's the eldest..??? Hmm.. The eldest is Kama and the 2nd is Muna. Seriously.., the first time i saw them.., i got blurrr.. How to differentiate them...?? My secret weapon... Sixth sense + instinct.. Kekekkeke. Kama have mature face while Munawwarah have chipmunk face.. Oppsss!!! *=P hahahahha

Actually Munawwarah more close with me compared to Kama. Kama close to my roommate, Seha.. Hehe. When they come to my room.., always together. Haha. Ahh~~ Really missed them..

Check this out!! Hahahhahahahha

kekekke. vin diesel girl version.. kekekkee

Kama, Muna.., i'm sorry.. Last year i'm forgot to include your pic in my baby blog.. Mianheyo.. (-_-) tsk! tsk! tsk!

Take care girls!!! See ya in convo!! ^^

Woot woooot...!! Woot wooot!! <<---- sudden sound


long time no see siwon's face.. hahahahahahaha. missed him...
thanks to heenim update!!


p/s: my cousin.., sis hani was hospitalized.. she caught fever with high temperature.. please pray for her.. aamin.. get well soon sis!!


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